Hefter László

Showing my colours

I work like a painter but in more dimensions, I make kinetic pictures that change in light, according to times of the day and year, by the minute, by the moment, they change in both reality and imagination.

I am interested the relation of colours and lights as they meet and exercise mutual influence, in contrasts, dualities, ambiguities, filling spaces and getting out from forms and planes. You must rise above principles of painting, often lay aside, go over in your mind even your ideas that are reckoned to be the best. You must stay free towards yourself so as to receive the desired light.

Reality and illusion are rationaity and abstract imagination in a single image.

It is not space, composition, play of forms, stains, lines, contrasts and relations that are important but the light coming to the inner space.

It is the light of happenings, experiences that must be let through ourselves. We only transmit what we wish to show – what we transmit must be noble and pure. We must strive to be the best light conductors.

Glass windows are more than decorative colours, luminous and optical phenomena, they suggest a way towards the realm of spirit and induce meditation.

My windows open from reality onto imagination. Experiences, colours, forms and light meet my heart through them. They mean energy resource to all those who live with belief, emotion and reason.

In connection with a glass window you must consider the bounds of construction, material and mental milieu, these must be interwoven with motions of soul.

A glass window is like a sonnet; it is made up of a fixed form and a pattern of rhyme.

Blue means majesty, red is power.

I strive to destroy all illusions; I seek for human truths through colours and lights, I would like them to come out.

The light coming through a glass window colours spaces, colours people, objects and recolours souls. Glass is transparent by nature, as regards glass windows, this must not be forgotten either.

Colours and lights must be elemental, powerful and resonant but if necessary also ethereal and stroking within the same composition.

Making glass windows is ”showing your colours” in the literal sense.

Pathos is important but you should never forget about light elegance or virtuosity.

There should be colours whose witty superiority is self-evident.

I intended them as representation of harmony and beauty in spiritual respect. Love remains here!

If you increase the tension you should also take care of satisfaction.

Heavenly harmony and disso nant collision: all these with colours and lights.

I know hundreds of yellows, my favourites are laburnum-yellows. I have never seen two identical laburnum bushes or two identical laburnum-yellow flowers on one branch. It is in us old masters live on, we must think of them as immortal artists, who have created and built up the knowledge of our profession through our hearts and their artistic honesty. To try to learn their knowledge, to go on a journey in time, to meet them, to transgress the bounds of time: that is a great adventure. To send on to the future the spirit of old artists, the eternal messages of old cultures so that they may become everybody's property. Preserving all created and bequeathed to us by our elders as sense and worth of their lives is loveable work for me.

We must learn fundamental principles and tricks of old masters and analyize them. In our new works, we should, however, lean on our own experiences, intuitions and believe in our creative power. We should always be generous in imparting our knowledge, take into consideration that there are also successors. Our programme should not apply only to our contemporaries. Our hands and hearts should be guided by love as love is the prime mover of artistic cognition, it is permanent inspiration and a intermediary way.